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Acceptable Use Policy

By using our website you agree to follow the rules set out in this policy.

  1. Acceptable use

    1. Acceptable use is the use of to enquire to or purchase products. As a user of this website, you are not permitted to make any change or access any information stored within it or a connected database.

    2. You may not use the contact forms or the provided emails for the purpose of spam or malicious or intrusive emails or correspondence.

    3. You may not engage in the misuse of product, or any other image posted on this website all of which are subject to copywrite and must be cited with the preferred citation image, Fehu Forge Ltd (2021).

    4. You may not mis-associate our website, company or brands with any form of extremist content.

    5. You may for the purpose of sharing your personal opinions on our products share links to our website to social media platforms excluding Twitter and Tik-Tok without prior consent of Fehu Forge Ltd. in writing.

    6. You may not use our website or social media platforms to advertise your own goods or services without prior consent from Fehu Forge Ltd. in writing.


  1. Failure to adhere to our acceptable use policy may be met with a permanent ban from any use of our website, ability to post to our social media channels and/or legal action. Fehu Forge Ltd. and its website manager CL Technologies reserve the right to ban or report to the appropriate authority any user that they deem to have broken the terms outlined in this or any other policy held by Fehu Forge Ltd.

For enquiries, please contact us via email at with the subject “Acceptable Use”.

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